SPRINT 6 and SPRINT XL are the latest models of our popular single-head embroidery machines series SPRINT. These machines offer all functionalities like tubular- or cap mode, flat- or border frame mode.The SPRINT of the new generation are equipped with the slimmest tubular arm available for the embroidery industry. The new developed tubular arm enables embroidery at a minimum of necessary space.


With a usable embroidery field of maximal 460 x 310 mm, the SPRINT 6 model offers the perfect dimensions for individual embroideries of private end customers, personalized embroidery orders of the advertising industry, and creative embroidery designs for fashion.


SPRINT XL is the perfect choice for working extra large articles like flags or bathing towels. An embroidery field of maximum 1200 x 280 mm offers the necessary room for such „big“ jobs.


  • 1,200 stitches per min
  • Networking
  • Low noise & light weight
  • Automatic error analysis
  • Contour tracing
  • Adjustable presser foot
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • Integrated design editor
  • Accepts all industry embroidery codes
  • Windows – based networking
  • Automatic reverse embroidering function
  • 80 million stitch memory
  • Built to withstand 24/7 operation
  • Exceptional resale value

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