NeoFold EB series automatic folding machine designed to meet the refinishing needs of service centers and offices with medium and low production volume. The extraordinary quietness and compactness, combined with robust construction, attractive design and availability in popular paper sizes, make it the ideal complement to any toner or inkjet printer for CAD and cartography. The availability of the Online Kit further enhances the level of automation.

Main Features

The NeoFold EBseries of folding machines allows you to make free-form drawings fold regardless of the length and standard sizes as per DIN 824. It’s possible to make folds with 210 or 190 mm widths plus the default border of 20 mm, while for some lengths (eg. 61/62 cm or 99/100 cm) fold size 190 mm will have a board of about 30/40 mm. The cross fold may instead have selectable width of 297 or 305 mm.

Options and Accessories

Among the main options is available NeoFold 1100EB/Online, an easy-to-install kit that allows you to use NeoFold EB 1100 in line with the main wide format printers on the market. The system, based on an exclusive hardware/software combination, automatically adjusts the operation of the folding machine to the production speed of the printer. The kit comes with an online diagnostics system that allows corrections for maximum performance.

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